The Phoenix Karate-do Association is an international organization with dojo across the United States and Ukraine.

- For questions about the Association: 

Kancho Dan Soller (

- For information on the Capital Region:

Shuseki Shihan Cathy Melanson (

- For information on the Northeast Region:

Shuseki Shihan Anthony Codispoti (

- For questions about Ukraine Dojo

Shihan Natasha Snegireva (

Main dojo are listed below. For specific information about each dojo's location, class schedule, instructors and local events, visit the dojo's site or contact the above instructors.

Mount Saint Joseph Dojo  (Baltimore, Maryland)

Location: Mount Saint Joseph High School - 4403 Frederick Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21229


Contact:  by email: Sempai Adam Kaufman (

Our Dojo


Shrewsbury Dojo  (New Jersey)

Location: The Phoenix Way - 170  Paterson Ave, Shrewsbury , New Jersey  07702


Contact:  Shuseki Shihan Anthony Codispoti - by phone: (732) 890-5039 or use the web site contact page

California Dojo  (Scotts Valley, California)

Location: 1500 Green Hills Rd. Scotts Valley, California 95066 


Contact:  Sensei Brad Hoffeld - by phone: 301-461-0481, by email:


Mount St Mary's University Dojo (Emmitsburg, Maryland)

Location: Mount St Mary's University-

16300 Old Emmitsburg Road, Emmitsburg, Maryland 21727

Contact: Chu Sempai Earl Bell ( 

University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Location:University of Saint Francis -

27101 Spring Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808


Contact: Kancho Soller



Ukraine Dojo

Sixteen Phoenix Dojo of various sizes and training emphasis are located in the Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk, and

Marganets' regions under three Branch Chiefs: Shihan Natasha Snegireva, Shihandai Pavel Dolgoruk and Shihan Volodymyr Snyegirov.

Location: Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk and Marganets regions

Contact: Shihan Natasha Snegireva