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Update October 5, 2019 

*USA Fall Gashuku will be held at Mount St. Mary's University (Maryland, USA) on Saturday,

October 19, 2019 from 11:00am-2:00pm.

*Shuseki Shihan Cathy Melanson, 7th dan Branch Chief and Shihandai Elias Mazur, 5th dan

Branch Chief, have announced the November opening  their new dojo in North Bethesda,

Maryland, USA (12077 Nebel Street, North Bethesda, Maryland 20852). Please offer them your

congratulations! New students welcome!

*Shuseki Shihan Anthony Codispoti, 7th dan Branch Chief and Chief Instructor of the Phoenix

Way Dojo, was highlighted in a short article sponsored Garmany's of New Jersey. Captioned

"No Bullying Zone", the article highlights Sheseki Shihan's expertise in anti-bullying, martial

arts and his successful financial adviser business.

*Sempai Hector (Tito) Munoz, 2nd dan, Chile, visited Sensai Dom Corella, 3rd dan of the 

Phoenix Way - Shrewsbury Dojo NJ for a tour of Wall Street in New York City.

*Sempai Matt Heaps, 2nd dan, trained with Kancho Soller in preparation for advancement

and the coming Fall Gashuku.

Update September 11, 2019 

*Sensei Bradley Hoffeld, 4th dan Branch Chief (CA), instructed and trained in the Capital

Region USA throughout the first week of September. He completed his tour after training with

Kancho Soller.

Update August 10, 2019

*On August 17, 2019, The Phoenix Way Dojo in Shrewsbury, NJ will host an open training

session for USA dojo. Shuseki Shihan Anthony Codispoti will oversee the event.

*Sempai Erica Herbst invites others to join her new Facebook page, Phoenix Women

Warriors. "This is a private group created for our amazing group of Phoenix Women 

Warriors around the world to share ideas, photos and videos from training, share inspiring

stories and ask questions."

*Senior Branch Chief Shihan Snegireva has returned home to the Ukraine from the USA

with her students, who trained at Camp Phoenix XXXVI. She was hosted by the

Association, Mount St. Mary's Karate Club under Chu Sempai Earl Bell, Shuseki Shihan

Melanson and special guide Sensei Boris Voynik.

*Shuseki Shihan Melanson travels to Brazil in August, continuing her 2019 International


Update July 11, 2019

*Camp Phoenix XXXVI, the annual international summer gashuka, will be held in Maryland, USA on July 19th-21st, 2019. The camp is open to all members of the

Phoenix Karate-do Association Kyokushinkai International. Yudansha promotions, continuously training and improvement remain the Camp's long standing goals.

*The annual meeting of the Phoenix Karate-do Association Kyokushinkai International will be held on July 19, 2019 in the USA with all members of the International Executive Committee in attendance. The meeting is chaired by Kancho Soller.

*Shuseki Shihan Cathy Melanson, 7th dan, is currently training in Australia and  visiting Kyokushin dojo. She will return to the States for Camp Phoenix XXXVI, the annual summer gashuka of the Association.

*Sensai Gary Herwig, 4th dan, Director of the Executive Instructors Committee, along with Shuseki Shihan Anthony Codispoti, 7th dan, Vice Chair of the International Executive Committee and the Kancho Charity Benefit, have announced a number of Camp Phoenix Scholarships for the coming year. The scholarships are awarded for merit based on specific application criteria, under the auspices of the Nicholas and Joyce Codispoti Scholarship. Awardees are officially recognized at Camp Phoenix USA.

Update June 14, 2019

*Camp Phoenix XXXVI, the annual international summer gashuku, will be held inMaryland USA on July 19th-21st, 2019. The camp is open to all members of the Phoenix Karate-do Association Kyokushinkai International. Yudansha promotions, continuously training and improvement remain the Camp's long standing goals.


*Sensei Nicolae Toma, Chief Instructor of the Palisades Dojo (Washinton DC) led his Uchideshi Training Camp at Chincoteague Island, VA this past June 8th-9th.  Members trained on the beach with an emphasis on Kumite and developing their budo spirit. The training is the first of what is to be a new annual event in  preparation for the Association's annual July summer USA Camp Phoenix XXXVI.


*The Ukraine Branch began their annual UA Camp Phoenix 2019 over four days.  Ten members will later be traveling to USA Camp Phoenix XXXVI in July for

promotions and training. OSU

*Sempai Hector (tito) Ivan Munoz from Chile, has been visiting the USA Shrewsbury, NJ Dojo, The Phoenix Way, to train with Branch Chief Shuseki Shihan Anthony

Codispoti and his karateka. Training has centered on kumite, kata and kihon. Welcome Sempai!

Update May 22, 2019

*Women's Warrior Weekend, led by Branch Chief Shuseki Shihan Cathy Melanson, is set for June 8-9th, 2019 in Virginia. Please contact Shuseki Shihan if interested in an intense physical and rewarding training weekend.

Update May 15, 2019

*Phoenix Karateka around the World are performing Kanku on Thursday,  May 16th, 2019 in honor of Jim Siedecki, who died suddenly while traveling overseas. Jim was a long time supporter of Phoenix, a former student and father to Sempai M. Siedecki. He will be greatly missed! OSU

Update April 29, 2019

*Camp Phoenix Kuro obi orders and Camp rosters are due to Honbu. Please pass along the information and appropriate payments.


Update April 25, 2019


Sixteen Phoenix Dojo of various sizes and training emphasis are located in the Kyiv,  Dnepropetrovsk, and Marganets' regions under three Branch Chiefs: Shihan Natasha Snegireva, Shihandai Pavel Dolgoruk and Shihan Volodymyr Snyegirov.

Location: Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk and Marganets regions


Contact: Shihan Natasha Snegireva




Kyiv "Hebana" Dojo

Kyiv "Wak Aba" Dojo

Kyiv "Pechersk School International" Dojo

Kyiv "Kyiv International School" Dojo


Bucha "Sakura" Dojo

Bucha "Sportstyle" Dojo


Nemishaevo "Shingitai" Dojo


Nikopol Dojo

Dnepropetrovsk Dojo


School #12 Dojo

Litsei #1 Dojo

School #2 Dojo

Litsei #10 Dojo

School #5 Dojo

School #3 Dojo

Zorya Dojo

Update April 2, 2019

*This is the Phoenix Kata site:

Sempai John Kidd (Frederick Dojo) along with members of the Gaithersburg Dojo

(The Forge) attended the Carolina Open Tournament in Raleigh, NC on March 30,

2019. The tournament was sponsored by long time Phoenix friend, Sensei Marvin

Saint-Cyr of Bushiken Karate.

Shihan Natasha Snegireva, Senior Branch Chief of the Ukraine, oversaw the Kyiv

Tournament for beginners this past week, with forty of her kohai participating in the

learning experience.

Updates March 27, 2019

*On March 16, 2019, Kancho Soller along w/ Branch Chiefs Shuseki Shihan Cathy Melanson & Shuseki Shihan Anthony Codispoti led the USA Spring Gashuku in the Shrewsbury Dojo NJ ~ The Phoenix Way. Members from Maryland, NJ, Indiana, Virginia, NY, Pennsylvania & Washington DC attended the Northeast & Capital Region sponsored event. The curriculum included extensive kihon, along w/ kumite, kata & advanced bag work.

Updates March 13, 2019

*See Dojo page for MSM and Indiana Dojo listing.

Updates  March 3, 2019

*Sensei Bradley Hoffeld 4dan (CA) visited the Shrewsbury Dojo ~ The Phoenix Way for training with Branch Chief & Chief Instructor Shuseki Shihan Anthony Codisopti and his karateka.  

*Kancho Soller visited the MSM Dojo (MD) and Chief Instructor Chu Sempai Earl Bell for kata training. 

*Sensei Nick Toma 3rd dan and his Palisades Dojo (Washington DC) participated in the the Arnold Classic Tournament in Columbus, Ohio.

Updates February 27, 2019

*Honbu-The Phoenix Karate-do Association Kyokushinkai International is pleased to announce that Ukrainian Senior Branch Chief Shihan Natasha Snegireva will be accompanied by a number of karateka for this year's annual USA summer gashuka, Camp Phoenix XXXVI, to be held July 19-21st, 2019.