Welcome and OSU!  These frequently asked questions are designed to give you some basic information on  the Phoenix Karate-do Association Kyokushinkai International.  Enjoy this section and please browse the many other categories on the website for information.  OSU!

What style of karate does the Association teach?
The Japanese style of Kyokushin karate as founded by the late Mas Oyama Sosai. All students become members of the Phoenix Karate-do Association Kyokushinkai International once they join their Phoenix dojo.

Are Phoenix classes open to everyone?
Beginners and advanced students are encouraged!  Many Phoenix students have gone on to advanced rankings and have become accomplished karate champions and instructors.  Students from other styles are welcome but as a courtesy prior conversation with the dojo instructor ahead of the class is preferred.

What is the makeup of a class?
Classes vary but usually are pretty even between male and female, beginner and advanced students, depending on the specific dojo.   Classes are designed to help all students progress and advance in their study of the art. Phoenix dojo pride themselves on offering small classes for individual attention.

Are other classes available?
Yes. Students may attend classes and train in any Phoenix dojo.  In addition, special gashuku (training sessions) are held every year.  A popular summer camp, celebrating its 34th year in 2018, is held every year with students attending from the USA and overseas. Training at all Phoenix dojos are open to fully registered students.

What are classes like?
Classes are taught in a traditional setting with the proper etiquette and formalities that go along with historical teachings.  Classes can vary but usually focus around basics (Kihon) , kata (preset sequences of movement) and kumite (fight training).  Training is often vigorous, but progressive.

What special equipment is required?
Other than a required dogi (uniform) and a modest text, nothing else is initially required.  With proper care both will last a very long time and serve you well. Karate really uses very little equipment and relies much more on you!  Specific dojo offers additional equipment as you progress.

Can students be promoted?
Yes.  Ranks are earned by accomplishment and testing. The emphasis on our classes is student development through training and understanding the curriculum. But simply put, the harder one is willing to work and study, the faster the rewards at all levels.

Who teaches the class?
All classes are taught by certified instructors of the Phoenix Karate-do Association Kyokushinkai International.  Our professional instructors take their obligations very seriously but are open, friendly and approachable.

If I have rank in another style, may I keep that rank?
Your rank is always respected at a Phoenix dojo.  However, in order to properly acknowledge your standing in the Association, those unfamiliar with the Phoenix way usually start with a white belt. Promotions and rank are earned along the way.

Do students get injured?
Rarely.  Karate is a pretty safe activity as proper instruction is progressive and safety is always a priority.  However injury is always possible as much of karate is an athletic endeavor.  The "bumps and aches" that go along with any physical activity should be expected.

Will I learn self defense?  What is the class philosophy?

Of course.  Self defense remains a vital part of karate, realizing the ultimate aim in traditional karate is a perfection of character through training in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the curriculum.  Karate is an art and the Phoenix Way is one of self improvement through training.  Actual training is based on three core principles: Kihon (basics), Kata (prearranged sequences) and Kumite (fighting).  The underlying philosophy of the Kyokushin style and the Phoenix way is the "spirit of OSU", teaching perseverance and emphasizing patience, respect and appreciation, along with the legend of the Phoenix, which teaches us to “RISE” to life challenges..